5 Reasons You Should Update Your Access Control System

Access Control Systems should be one of the most important parts of your security plan. The access points to your premises are your first lines of defence, so it’s vital that you are protecting yourself with a solution that can address the unique needs of your business.

There are many reasons that you should be changing your access control system, but some of them can make an enormous difference to the security and productivity of your company.

You want to increase efficiency

Working is all about efficiency. That philosophy should apply to everything you do, from the moment you get to the door. Instead of sign in books, frequently replaced keys and a retainer with your locksmith, try something that’s a far smoother and productive.

You’ve recently stepped up security

For some, business growth demands you to step up your security to a level you and your employees weren’t used to. Access control should be your first port of call here. If previous employees still hold keys or know the code, your premises aren’t as secure as they should be. With a new system, you’ve got a greater level of control over who can get in and out of your location.  

You’ve outgrown your current system

Once you’ve had an access control system for a few years, it’s easy to outgrow it. With a finite amount of keycards or fobs, onboarding can become difficult. If you’re a growing team, you need to make it easy to add, remove and change preferences

You want to add another level of security

Protecting your company and employees is an ongoing job. There’s no such thing as a solution that you can simply install and leave. If you or your neighbouring properties have recently experienced a break-in, it’s especially important to step up the level of security. With the right access control system, you can ensure that only authorised people can gain access to your location,

Your company’s existing access control system is outdated.

You wouldn’t have your staff working on computers from 15 years ago, but all to many businesses are using the same access control system that they have for years. Recently, technology has taken great strides. If you’re not protecting your property and business with something that takes advantage of the new possibilities available to you, you could be leaving your business unsecured.

Access Security made our name on access control systems. We know what will work for you, and can recommend the system that will solve all the problems your current system could be causing. Contact us today to learn more from our expert team.