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The high quality British made Electric lock range provides the ideal security solution for all entrance doors, corridor doors, high traffic exit doors and access controlled doors. The Locks can be operated with a simple push button release, card reader, iris recognition system or Access Control system. The range of locks are supplied with a Stainless Steel Forend and Striker with a box tidy which houses the magnet. The Escape Sash Lock is also supplied with a special split spindle for use with bolt-through Sprung Lever furniture allowing the lever handle on the inside to always allow free egress by withdrawing both bolts in one action. The Sashlock and Deadlock versions can be supplied either with the deadbolt thrown automatically when the door is closed into the frame or with the deadbolt thrown and withdrawn using a credential such as a key pad, card reader, fob or biometrics. The locks are non-handed have 60mm backsets and 72mm lock centres and use 12v 1A DC operation. The range is supplied with key over ride via Double Keyed Euro Profile Cylinder (not included, but can be ordered separately)