Farfisa Alba Video Kits


With a simple set-up, practical features and continually improved performance, the Farfisa duo door entry system is one of the best on the market, amongst competitors. The two-wire technology offers increased power and a user-friendly interface delivered through the ALBA, SOLVO and AGORÀ push-button stations, optimising the use of the product and meeting the growing demands of customers. 

A variety of accessories are available to further enhance the performance of the Farfisa two-wire Duo, in particular, the 2231 separator allowing up to 20, 000 users. This addition also makes video surveillance possible as well as remote controlling from any distance, features that were previously out of reach. 

Combining strong communication with clever engineering and extensive research, Farfisa provide a high-quality service across 60 countries worldwide. The brand is constantly developing their door entry systems amongst a range of other products in order to provide a unique customer experience from beginning to end. 

Access Security are the only Farfisa UK supplier and we also stock a range of Farfisa spares including:

Farfisa MD30 Farfisa Speaker Module

Farfisa PRS240 Farfisa Power Supply

Farfisa WB3161 Farfisa EX3100C

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