Farfisa has launched a range of products called Alba. Its name means Sunrise in Italian, which is an appropriate name for a new entrepreneurial spirit and new industrial visions.

Made in Italy, Alba stands out for its high-level design. It offers modularity and flexibility with concealed structural elements and luminous icons. Alba is also easy to install, use, and maintain.

The series consists of standalone elements that coexist in compositions: audio/video- or only audio button module (elegant and compact, allows up to 4 calls with a single module), module for a digital keypad or access control or expansion for MyCom system, display module or proximity reader module. Accessories and various additional elements complete the range.

Alba stands out for its accessibility for all users: the wide-angle of the camera allows people in wheelchairs to visible. It can also be equipped with a specific coil to facilitate compatibility with hearing aids or Braille printing on the call button.

The front plate is made of anodised aluminum with brushed finish. It’s colour camera has a 2.3mm focal length and wide-angle lens. The internal electronics are fully protected by an IP55 cover. The 3 LEDs light up the icons to indicate the status: call sending, busy, active conversation, door lock release. Alba has two independent outputs for lock activating and other loads. It can be used as the main external unit for up to 20,000 users with very long distance between external and internal units. With built-in or surface mounting, Alba is also suitable for renovations thanks to compatibility with other Farfisa series and others.

Farfisa Alba can be programmed and managed through Bluetooth technology for speed, reliability, and usability for the installer and for the end-user too.