Farfisa Profilo Audio Kits

When you find yourself in the need for a reduced wiring intercom look no further than Farfisa. Their intercoms allow electronic calling through a reduced number of wires; 4+1 for video and 1+1 for audio. 

These reduced wiring intercoms allow for simple installation when compared with conventional wiring meaning less time spent on the job. However, there is no compromise on quality and functionality meaning you get a first-rate intercom for a lower price point. 

Within the Reduced Wiring range we stock both the Matrix and Profilo panels as well as the Exhito and Zhero monitors, giving you and your customer a greater choice.

Profilo panels are a modular door panel with reduced dimensions making them suitable when you have limited space. 

Matrix panels are made with 316L stainless steel making them the perfect choice when you need an anti-vandal intercom whilst retaining the elegance of the Farfisa brand. 

Exhito monitors offer the best quality / price ration giving you a sleek handset on a budget. These monitors are more traditional giving your customer a handset to pick up with plenty of function buttons. Exhito monitors come with either audio or video capabilities.

Zhero monitors are hands-free and compact offering simplicity and easy surface mounting. Zhero monitors are only available in video kits. 

We also stock a range of Farfisa UK Door Entry Spares including:

Farfisa MD30 Farfisa Speaker Module

Farfisa PRS240 Farfisa Power Supply

Farfisa WB3161 Farfisa EX3100C

Further information On Farfisa Door Entry please call 01327 358888 or see http://www.farfisa.com/en/