This innovative door panel is brought to you by Farfisa Intercoms. It combines Farfisa’s usual Italian style and technological performance but with added security. This makes it ideal for buildings of multiple residences. In addition, Farfisa has kept accessibility issues in mind ensuring that this panel is user friendly to all visitors.

The Hero panel consists of a large 316L stainless steel panel with large steel keys and 6 Tamper Resistant Torx screws for flush mounting. This ensures the panel is vandal-proof. It is designed for Duo video systems with bus power supply which means it can programmed with up to 20,000 users and with maximum distances between external and internal units.

It is ideal for large complexes having a digital keyboard consisting of 14 large keys, with backlighting around each button. There is also a large, backlit graphic display, wide angle camera and status icons. 

The Hero panel manages up to 500 users with individual passwords and can be connected to a Duo Proximity Reader Module. It has 2 independent outputs for an electric lock and a relay for an automatic gate or other lock. 

When integrated with the XE2922 board, the Hero panel can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth using the Farfisa Smart Access and Farfisa Smart Dial apps. This allows for contactless control and no touch technology reducing the spread of viruses such as Covid-19.

Features include:

  • voice prompt for audio indication of the call or system status (in various languages, deactivated by programming)
  • Raised large, backlit keys in Braille making the panel more accessible for visually impaired users
  • Large backlit graphic display such as status icons which means it is visible even in dim lighting conditions
  • Wide angel camera as standard for greater security giving a better view of visitors
  • Integration of inductive loop for use with hearing devices.

To the touch, the sensation is robustness and elegance together, cold and smooth, modern and reliable. Hero will capture you.

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  • What is the Farfisa Hero Panel?

The Farfisa Hero Panel is a type of access control panel used to manage and control access to a building or facility. It is typically used in commercial or industrial settings, and can be integrated with other security systems such as CCTV and alarm systems.

  • How does the Farfisa Hero Panel work?

The Farfisa Hero Panel works by controlling access to the building through a set of electronic locks, such as magnetic locks or electric strikes. Users can gain access to the building by using a keycard, PIN code, or biometric authentication such as fingerprints or facial recognition. The Farfisa Hero Panel can be programmed to grant access to specific areas of the building based on user permissions, and can also be used to track and log access events.

  • What are the dimensions of the Farfisa Hero Panel?

The dimensions of the Farfisa Hero Panel vary depending on the specific model and configuration, but it is typically a compact, wall-mounted unit.

  • How do I install a Farfisa Hero Panel?

Installation of the Farfisa Hero Panel should be done by a professional, as it requires connecting to an electrical power source, and may require additional wiring for the electronic locks. It is also recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation and configuration of the system.

  • Can I integrate the Farfisa Hero Panel with other security systems?

The Farfisa Hero Panel can be integrated with other security systems such as CCTV and alarm systems, allowing for a more comprehensive security solution. It is best to check the manufacturer’s specifications and consult with an expert to determine compatibility with other systems.

  • Are there replacement parts available for the Farfisa Hero Panel?

Replacement parts for the Farfisa Hero Panel may be available, but it depends on the specific part needed and the age of the system. It is best to check with a specialist in Farfisa access control systems like here at Access Security Products.

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