Trusted Security Knowledge and Support for Conversion of Former HMRC Office

Introduction to Alpha Electrical Midlands

Alpha Electrical Midlands (AEM) are electrical contractors, based in Leamington Spa, providing electrical solutions from design to installation. They pride themselves on their high standards of work ethic and teamwork, serving the nation with cost effective and efficient electrical solutions. They have worked with Access Security Products (ASP) for almost ten years on a range of projects providing access control equipment into care homes and other commercial properties. ASP were delighted when AEM chose them to also provide door entry equipment for a recent conversion of a former HMRC office to an apartment block, named Iron Yard.

Project Requirements

Iron Yard, formerly known as Concept House, was purchased by a developer to convert the former HMRC office building into 95 high quality boutique apartments, in the heart of Sheffield, UK. The apartments comprised of one and two-bedroom apartments across 6 floors, appealing to young professionals in a highly desirable area with great connectivity to the city of Sheffield. The building was completely renovated, bringing the exterior of the building to a more modern look, and included high spec interiors for residents. As part of the building renovation, a video door entry system with access control was imperative for residents to feel safe and secure.

Access Security Product’s Solution  

Working in partnership with AEM, Jim Foster of ASP conducted a site survey prior to quotation to evaluate the site’s infrastructure, and requirements. It was clear from the site visit that the most suitable and cost effective door entry system for Iron Yard would be the Hero intercom panel and Zhero monitor made by Farfisa Intercoms, along with the ASP8000 access control system.

Farfisa Intercom Benefits

Hero and Zhero, were chosen based on their innovative technology, functionality, and aesthetics for Iron Yard.

Working on DUO Bus technology it is the most up-to-date 2-core technology in door entry.  The equipment comes fully programmed by ASP, but the technology allows bluetooth programming, so any changes after installation can be made at the intercom panel with a smart device and the DUO Systems app, rather than moving jumpers on the back of handset monitors or re-wiring the rear of the panel.  The DUO Systems app can visually show the debug live so any issues can be identified by the app whilst at the intercom, which is a time saver when you have a large project such as Iron Yard, it also removes the need to physically enter the resident’s apartment to make any changes to the monitor as it can be done from the app. 

Farfisa Hero Door Intercom

  • Multi-way video intercom with panel mount reader cut out
  • Elegant and modern design, vandal resistant intercom panel
  • Digital display welcoming visitor and displays instructions
  • Keypad for scroll or pin entry
  • Excellent solution for large projects as it can manage up to 500 users with individual PIN
  • DDA compliant with braille, audio announcement, hi-vis bezels, inductive loop and wide angled lens

Farfisa Zhero Monitors

  • Handsfree video monitor with 4.3” screen
  • User friendly
  • Soft touch keys
  • High quality sound and visual
  • Surface mount, thin profile makes Zhero a discreet element that integrates easily into its environment.

ASP8000 Access Control System

As a long-standing customer, AEM had used the networked based ASP8000 Access Control system on previous projects in Care Homes across the UK. It’s reliability, ease of use, integration with the Farfisa Intercom system, and their own experience and knowledge attracted AEM and their client to the system, with a trusted system and relationship with ASP it was a no brainer to go with the ASP8000.

The system allows, restricts and monitors movement at Iron Yard, via Mifare Proximity Readers throughout the site. 

ASP’s Full Service Offering

From Equipment Programming & Staff Training through to Install

As well as a site survey before quotation, ASP included other value-added services that attracted AEM to their solutions, including programming of equipment prior to install, product demonstrations and staff training, as well as in-person support at site throughout installation to commissioning. 

  • Site survey
  • Quotations
  • Product demonstrations
  • System schematics
  • Fully programmed equipment
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Staff training
  • Technical support
  • First call-off delivered in-person
  • Mid-installation support visit
  • Site commissioning
  • Regular communication

Alpha Electrical were fully supported from start to finish by Access Security Products, their support throughout the process and knowledge meant they could put their trust into them that enabled Alpha to deliver on time, and on budget to their client.

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