Access Control

Access control is an essential part of any door entry system allowing complete monitoring of who is coming in and out of your building. Without the need for a traditional key, the risk of break ins is significantly reduced as key cards and fobs can easily be disabled if lost or stolen. The option of a PIN means there is no need for a physical entry device and can easily be given out to new staff or updated when necessary. 

By providing information on who entered your building and at what times, staff activity and the general running of your business can easily be monitored and improved. This data is also extremely valuable in the event of an emergency or security breach.

Our door access control kits are completely weather-proof, meaning they can be safely placed outside the building. You may also require access control throughout your building if certain areas need to be restricted from customers or staff members in other departments. 

Access Security provides a variety of options offering seamless access control, higher security and peace of mind when it comes to protecting your assets. 

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