Door retainer

Fire doors provide heavy duty protection from the outbreak of a fire within your building and are essential, especially in buildings occupied by schools, businesses or the public. 

In instances where a fire door needs to be kept open, this must be done safely and legally with emergency door release. Door retainers provide a solution by offering a strong magnet to keep the door open when necessary yet shut in an emergency. This works by connecting a magnetic lock placed behind the door to your fire system, triggering automatic release of the magnet if the fire alarm sounds.  

Door retainers can either be mounted to the floor or on the wall behind the fire door. Depending on which you choose, you will also need to purchase the correct fittings – these can be flushed or surface. 

Access Security provides high quality products for fire systems, ensuring safety and efficiency at all times. Explore our current available options or get in touch for more information.

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