Emergency door releases (EDR) are typically fitted on electronically controlled doors with a ‘push to exit’ button or keycard/fob sensor. In the event of a power outage, this type of door mechanism will no longer open. To ensure safe exit in an emergency, an EDR should be fitted in a visible place as close to the electronic door release as possible. 

Access Security supplies a variety of EDR types including; touch free, push to exit, break glass and lift cover as well as newer models offering audio and visual feedback. We also stock fire control boxes which allow members of fire services and other authorised personnel to override any door locking system using a fire drop key. This allows immediate access to an emergency in any part of the building, if necessary.  

The type of EDR you choose will depend on your business type and who occupies the building. Automatic release triggered by an alarm may be the best option for busy public spaces where a large number of people would need to exit at once in an emergency. Smaller businesses or offices may opt for a push to release or break glass EDR. 

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