Electric Strikes

A simple door mechanism is made up of three components; the handle, the latch and the strike. These work together in order to keep the door secure. The door strike, in particular, works to catch and release the latch on the door, allowing it to open and close. 

An electric strike replaces a standard door strike and automatically locks a door when closed, adding another level of security by preventing entry from the outside. Connected to a power supply, the door can be unlocked from the inside when activated via a button, bar or other manual release device. 

Electric door strikes are most commonly used in public places such as; commercial buildings, warehouses, hotel rooms, schools and universities where a higher level of security may be needed. 

There are two types of electric door strikes;

Fail safe = locks when an electric current is applied. Will unlock if there is an electrical failure. 

Fail secure = unlocks when an electric current is applied. Door will remain locked in a power failure. 

Choosing from the two will depend on the use of the room or the other means of exit available. Fail safe may be used in a lobby or stairwell of a building to ensure easy entry and safe exit in the event of a fire. Whereas, fail secure would be more suited to a room where valuable items are kept as it will remain locked in an emergency or power outage.  

Access Security provides a range of fail safe and fail secure electric strikes and fittings to suit your needs. Browse what we have on offer or get in touch for more information.

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