Networked Access Control

Security is essential in large businesses or public spaces. Without proper security, the risk of theft, data loss or safety breach significantly increases. Most businesses will likely have areas of their building that are off limits to some staff members or all members of the public. If not protected, these areas can easily be accessed and pose a risk to your assets or staff.

Networked access control provides an effective solution. Using a computerised remote software, access can be carefully controlled and monitored, ensuring no outsiders gain entry. Rather than just being controlled via a hardwired system, networked access control allows entry to be controlled from one central point. These systems are typically hosted via the building’s IP network, sending information from the reader to the server to determine access. 

This type of access control system works particularly well in schools, colleges and universities where there is a large footfall of staff and students but access requirements vary across the building. 

Access Security offers a wide range of networked access control products from whole PC based systems to one, two and three door control boards. These work effectively in conjunction with network access keypads and readers.

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