3amp 24vdc Switchmode PSU (Weatherproof)

3amp 24vdc Switchmode PSU (Weatherproof)

Product Code: PSU-D2413-W

Dycon 3amp 24vdc switchmode Power Supply Unit in an IP65 weatherproof box (240mm x 190mm x 90mm)

Made in the UK. Powering security, fire, CCTV and access control systems





Product Code: PSU-D2413-W

Dycon 3amp 24vdc switchmode Power Supply Unit in an IP65 weatherproof box

Main features
Type: Advanced Switchmode Technology
Input: 195Vac – 265Vac @ 50-60Hz
Output: Maximum 27.4Vdc nominal
Load Current: 3amp
Style: Clam Shell
Monitoring: LED monitoring
Battery: Yes

Key Features:
A) Anti-‘spike’ filtering protects access system from downtime
B) Unique battery charging feature reduces strain on batteries
C) Self-resetting fuses

Size: 240mm x 190mm x 90mm


Dycon D240X and D241X Series units are 24Vdc switched-mode 1-3A power supplies, ideally suited for use with fire alarm door retainers, access control applications and general power applications. The D240X units have a normally closed (NC) volt-free output for remotely signalling the status and serviceability of units. This output can be used to indicate problems either locally using or remotely via a suitable signalling device. The D241X versions do not have this output but do have full standby battery charging capability. The switched output of all these units is designed for highly inductive loads (magnetic door retainers and releases) eliminating the need for additional control relays and circuitry and eliminating the chance of an ‘electrical spike’ causing a door to remain closed or open, a frequent cause of personnel delays and expensive engineer call outs. Using Dycon’s unique protective technology, the range features intelligent and capacitive load switching surge protection and snubbing. All units are protected by Dycon’s unique intelligent electronic fuse technology with automatic reset to reduce system downtime.

Like all our products the switch-mode Power supplies are CE approved and have passed CE standards to EMC & RFI EN STANDARDS.

If the PSU-D2413-W Dycon 2amp 24vdc Switchmode Power Supply Unit in a weatherproof box is not the unit for you we will have another solution!

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