4 Flat Video Entry Kit with Keypad – 4 Way Video System with codelock

4 Flat Video Entry Kit with Keypad – 4 Way Video System with codelock

Product Code: DE-VK4K4S-CL

4 Flat Video Entry Kit with Keypad – 4 Way Video System with codelock

Videx 400o Series Video Door entry  (SS Face, black frame); 4000 Series video kit with 6200 series 3.5″ colour monitor, expandable up to 4 entrances. Features include intercommunication, call progress LED’s and reassurance tones, push to exit button input and camera with 10 degree angle adjustment. Lock output is selectable as either dry contact relay (C, NO, NC) or 12Vdc output.

The 4000 series offers a range of options including gold and aluminium fascia and surface housings, Flush and surface fit. With Keypad or proximity access control. Videx 4k range also offers vandal and GSM options





Product Code: DE-VK4K4S-CL

4 Flat Video Entry Kit with Keypad – 4 Way Video System with codelock

Panel features
Fitting: Surface
Fascia Material: Stainless Finish with Address Windows
Call Buttons: FOUR
Keypad: Yes

Size: 400 x 135 x 45mm

Handset features
Model: 6200
Material: White / Plastic
Fitting: Wall
Buttons: 1 x Door Release

Size: 187 x 144 x 27mm

Key Information:
A) Moduler
B) up to 4 Entrance panels and 3 Handsets per button
C) Larger kits available

We offer a extensive range of Door Entry system which can be used for a variety of door entry access control solutions – whether it be for controlled access to an office, house or garage we will have the correct solution for you.

Our range of Door Entry Products include, 2wire systems, 5wire systems, wireless Radio and GSM entry, mix and match 2 wire style, up to 4 entrance point, Touch screen Colour internal monitors, Brand names.

We also offer a extensive range of Digital coded access keypad and access control systems. Our range of standalone or self-contained digital keypads and key fob readers have between 1 and 3 relay outputs – with or without proximity card/key fob reader and are ideal for either internal or external use available with single 12v dc or dual 12v – 24v AC/DC input

If the DE-VK4K4S-CL    4 Flat Video Entry Kit with Keypad – 4 Way Video System with codelock is not the unit for you we will have another solution!

Try us and put us, our products, our service and price to the test, you wont be disappointed.


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Gun Metal Surface Housing
S/S panel
Internal Handset
Power Supply
Fitting Instructions with tool
User Guide

What are VIDEX Video Kits?

VIDEX Video Kits are comprehensive video intercom systems designed for door entry applications. They provide secure and convenient communication and visual identification between visitors at the entrance and occupants inside a building or property.

How do VIDEX Video Kits work?

VIDEX Video Kits consist of a video door panel, indoor monitors, and a central control unit. When a visitor presses the doorbell, the door panel activates the video and audio communication. Occupants can see and speak with the visitor using the indoor monitors, allowing for two-way video and audio communication.

Where can I use VIDEX Video Kits?

VIDEX Video Kits are suitable for various residential and commercial settings, including single-family homes, apartment buildings, offices, and gated communities. They provide a higher level of security by allowing occupants to visually verify visitors before granting access.

Can I expand the VIDEX Video Kits?

Yes, VIDEX Video Kits can be expanded to meet specific requirements. Additional indoor monitors can be added to different areas within the property, providing convenient access to the video intercom system from multiple locations.

What are the key features of VIDEX Video Kits?

VIDEX Video Kits offer a range of features to enhance door entry communication and visual identification. These may include high-resolution video transmission, infrared night vision for clear visibility in low-light conditions, door release capability to remotely unlock doors, adjustable camera angles and settings, compatibility with additional accessories (such as external cameras or additional monitors), and easy installation and configuration.

It is advisable to periodically clean the keypad facia to prevent ingress of dirt or general grime which will accumulate between the buttons and could cause the keypad buttons to become “Sticky”. This is common with all mechanical moving parts and more so dependent upon the installation area and general usage, however, regular preventive maintenance will ensure long lasting operation of the item