5 x 1amp Fuse Board with LED indication

Product Code: RL-FB5

5 x 1amp Fuse Board with LED indication

The RL-FB5 takes a single 5amp DC output and splits it in to 5 x 1amp outputs, Comes with LED indication. Mounting to existing power supplies is simple with its compact design and supplied mounting feet



Product Code: RL-FB5

5 x 1amp Fuse Board with LED indication

Main features
Input: 12vDC
Output: 12vDC
Output: 5 x upto 1amp
Rating: 1amp glass fuses @ 12vDC


Key Features:
A) LED Indication
B) Easy Mounting in PSU box
C) Variations available on request

Size: 70 x 55 x 15mm


We offer a extensive range of relays, timer board, modules and other door accessories to assist and provide a range of solutions – whether it be for Access, Door Automation, Fire, or other requirements. Our range of relays includes single and double pole with contact ratings which meet common fire regulations. Our RL-TR-01 timer relay board offer 3 handy functions in one unit including Timer delay and clean contact.


If the RL-FB5 5 x 1amp Fuse Board with LED indication is not the unit for you we will have another solution!

Try us and put us, our products, our service and price to the test, you wont be disappointed.


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Mounting Feet