Architectural ZL Brackets for Standard Maglock

Architectural ZL Brackets for Standard Maglock

Product Code: BK-STD-DCZL

Architectural ZL Brackets for Standard Maglock

This universal bracket set is a must. Not only are the bracket sets finished with architectural covers making them pleasing on the eye the kit also contains both adjustable Z and adjustable L brackets making it ideal for installation on both Inward and outward opening doors.

Maglocks are the most popular way of securing a door for Access Control due to the competitive price, ease of installation, variations and reliability

Our Magnetic Lock range includes 300lbs, 600lbs 800lbs and 1200lbs maglocks for internal and External use.

The range is also complemented by a extensive bracket range to cover all door types including Covered Architectural Brackets, Glass Brackets and more.


Extended Warranty as standard on all Maglocks



Product Code: BK-STD-DCZL

Architectural ZL Brackets for Standard Maglock

Product Features
Fitting: Inward Opening Door and Outward Opening Door
Material: Anodized Aluminium
L Bracket Size: 40 x 265 x 75mm (5mm Thick)
Z Bracket Size: 40/12 x 265 x 62mm / 90 x 265 x 65mm
Max Extended Size: 80mm

BK-STD-DCZL – Architectural ZL Brackets for Standard Maglock

Magnet Locks – Maglocks – Electro Magnetic Lock

The electromagnet works via a magnetic field that attaches the maglock to the door armature plate via an electric current passing through the coil. Magnetic locks provide a “fail-safe” lock. When power is lost, the magnetic field drops, releasing the door armature plate from the maglock and allowing entry.

Magnetic locks are suitable for various applications including Mortice (flush fitting) mini magnetic locks, surface mount mini magnetic locks, dual surface mount mini magnetic locks, surface mount standard and external surface mount (side or face fixed) external magnetic lock versions.

A magnetic lock or maglock uses an electrical current to create a magnetic force

Access control systems are operated by one of the peripheral devices (ie. hand and fingerprint readers, keypad, card reader etc ) to identify the user whether access is permitted or not. The power will be automatically turned off by the user and gains access through a reader

Magnetic locks meet both security and fire protection requirements and can be used for emergency exit doors.

The magnetic lock is made with an epoxy potting compound and protected by this compound, which increases the life of the lock. These above lock characteristics have made the electromagnetic lock one of the most commonly used access control locks by security engineers.

We offer an extensive range of Door Entry and Access control systems and solutions which can be used for various situations– whether for controlled access to an office, hospital, club or any place of work.

Try us out and test us, our products, services and prices. You won’t be disappointed.

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This magnetic lock is set by default to operate via 12v dc, however, please ensure you check the internal jumper links are set correctly for use with a 12v dc power supply or 24v power supply before you turn the power on
If you fail to check this, then you run the risk of either the magnetic lock running very hot or it not locking correctly. Eventually, you will cause damage to the system you have installed

Periodically clean the surface of both the magnet and armature plate with light oil