Complete Audio Door Entry Kit with Keypad

Complete Audio Door Entry Kit with Keypad

Product Code: ASP-AUDIO-KIT

Complete Audio Door Entry Kit with Keypad

The ASP-AUDIO-KIT is a complete Door entry Kit in One box. A simple and cost effective method of Access Control a single door with Visitor Audio Entry and resident Pin Code..

Alternative kit are available or why not let us Design a kit just for you



Product Code: ASP-AUDIO-KIT

Complete Audio Door Entry Kit with Keypad

DE-EASY-KP  –  Door Entry features
Panel: Metal with Integrated Keypad
Handset: White Audio only

ML-MINI – Locking Features
IP rating: Internal Use only
Voltage: 12v-24v DC input
Holding Force: Upto 600lbs (272kg)

EB-GD – Exit Features
IP rating: IP66
Type: Green Dome
Fitting: Green Surface or Flush Fit

EDR-ASP-21 – Emergency Door Release Features
IP rating: Internal
Type: Double Pole, Glass
Fitting: Green Surface or Flush Fit

PSU-1201-S- Power Supply Features
Load: 1amp
Voltage: 12vDC
Type: Switchmode, Boxed

BK-MINI-ZL- Bracket Features
Type: Z and L kit for Inward

Y7-12- Battery Features
Type: 7ah 12v battery


We offer a extensive range of Door Entry and Access control systems and solutions which can be used for a variety of situation – whether it be for controlled access to an office, hospital, club or any place of work we will have the correct solution for you.

As well as our PC Based Access Control System we offer a range of standalone or self-contained digital keypads and key fob readers have between 1 and 3 relay outputs – with or without proximity card/key fob reader and are ideal for either internal or external use available with single 12v dc or dual 12v – 24v AC/DC input

If the ASP-AUDIO-KIT – Complete Audio Door Entry Kit with Keypad is not the unit for you we will have another solution!

Try us and put us, our products, our service and price to the test, you wont be disappointed with the products or service which you receive

Download User manual Keypad Guide Download wiring guide Download Quick PDF

Door Entry: KP-EASY-KP

Locking: ML-MINI

Bracket: BK-MINI-ZL

Exit: EB-GD

Breakglass: EDR-ASP-21

Power: PSU-1201-S

Battery: 7ah 12v

Can I use this Panel outside?
Yes, it is IP54 rated and totally protected against dust and protection against heavy seas, or powerful jets of water

Can I use two keypads to access and exit a door?

What does 4 – 8 PIN with or without # mean?
It simply means that you can have a 4 – 8 digit PIN code for the master code as well as a 4 – 8 digit PIN code for users. Some customers do not wish to enter the # button for PIN confirmation, with the KP-301-A Surface Access Control Keypad  you can have either. With this system A is required

What cable do I need?
You can use any cable you like for this, we suggest using standard alarm cable that you can purchase this from us also.

It is advisable to periodically clean the keypad facia to prevent ingress of dirt or general grime which will accumulate between the buttons and could cause the keypad buttons to become “Sticky”. This is common with all mechanical moving parts and more so dependent upon the installation area and general usage, however, regular preventive maintenance will ensure long lasting operation of the item