Power Supply – 1amp 12vdc Switchmode PSU (Small)

Power Supply – 1amp 12vdc Switchmode PSU (Small)

Product Code: PSU-D1541-A

Dycon 1amp 12vdc switchmode Power Supply Unit – Size Small (235mm x 170mm x 85mm)

Made in the UK. Powering security, fire, CCTV and access control systems






Product Code: PSU-D1541-A

Dycon 1amp 12vdc Switchmode Power Supply Unit – Size Small

Main features
Type: Advanced Switchmode Technology
Input: 230VAC +10% -15%; 50Hz ± 15%
Output: Maximum 13.7VDC nominal
Load Current: 1amp
IP Rating: Internal Use Only
Style: Clam Shell
Monitoring: LED monitoring
Battery: Yes

Key Features:
A) Anti-‘spike’ filtering protects access system from downtime
B) Unique battery charging feature reduces strain on batteries
C) Self-resetting fuses

Size: 235mm x 170mm x 85mm


Dycon’s D154X Series units are available as 1, 2, 3 and 5 Amp switched-mode power supplies, with three separate LED indicators that show the operational status of the unit. A green LED indicates that the Mains AC power is present, an orange LED lights when the unit is operating on standby battery power and a red LED lights if the electronic fuse has been tripped. These power
supplies are protected against electrical ‘spikes’ caused by the switching of highly inductive loads (door strikes and locks). They remove the chance of inductive kickback blowing a fuse and causing a door to remain closed or open, a frequent cause of personnel delays and expensive engineer call outs.




The range also features intelligent and capacitive load switching surge protection and snubbing. Optional output splitters enable a single power supply to drive a wide variety of different devices. These include 8-way splitters with individually-fused outputs, 4-way splitters with electronically-fused outputs or individually glass-fused outputs. Available is also a special unit that can power up to 4 cameras with loop-through connections for video signals, making it ideally suited for use in powering CCTV systems.

Like all our products the switch-mode Power supplies are CE approved and have passed CE standards to EMC & RFI EN STANDARDS.

If the PSU-D1541-A 1amp 12volt Switchmode PSU – Size Small is not the unit for you we will have another solution!

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  • What is the maximum output current of a 1Amp 12VDC switchmode PSU?

The maximum output current of this type of power supply is 1 ampere, meaning it can deliver up to 12 watts of power.

  • What devices can I power with a 1Amp 12VDC switchmode PSU?

This power supply can be used to power a variety of devices that require a 12VDC power source and draw up to 1 ampere of current. Some examples include LED lighting, small motors, and electronic circuits.

  •  Is a 1Amp 12VDC switchmode PSU more efficient than other types of power supplies?

Yes, switchmode power supplies are generally more efficient than linear power supplies because they waste less energy as heat. They also tend to be smaller and lighter, making them more portable and easier to use in compact devices.

  • Can I connect multiple devices to a 1Amp 12VDC switchmode PSU?

It is possible to connect multiple devices to this power supply, but you need to ensure that the total current draw of all devices does not exceed 1 ampere. If it does, you risk damaging the power supply or your devices.

  •  Is it safe to use a 1Amp 12VDC switchmode PSU?

Yes, switchmode power supplies are generally safe to use as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the power supply within its specifications. However, like any electronic device, there are potential hazards, so it’s important to use caution and follow proper safety protocols.

It is advisable to to allow for a minimum of 25% spare on load current as below examples:

1amp use max 750ma

2amp use max 1.5amps

3amp use max 2.25amps

5amp use max 3.75amps