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Farfisa 3.5 Inch Graphic Display Module

Product Code: DE-FDD2140AB

Farfisa 3.5″ Graphic Display Module

Graphic Display Module compatible with Alba Panel




Product Code: DE-FDD2140AB

Farfisa 3.5″ Graphic Display Module

Model: DD2140AB
Display: 3.5″ graphic display
Material: Aluminium
Colour: Grey
Buttons: Four
Backlighting colour: White

Size: 99 x 91 x 9mm

3.5 “graphic LCD display module with 4 backlit function keys. The electronic index function for displaying and calling system users is integrated. It must be connected to the audio module CA2124AB or audio-video CV2124AB (for Duo System) or AB3G (for MyCom systems) and can also be combined with the PD2100AB keyboard module.

Capacity is 1000 users with either the address of the internal device of the system for Duo systems, or the code relative to the telephone number to call in MyCom systems. If associated with a PD2100AB keypad, each user can also be assigned a password to activate one or more of the possible activations. In addition, the “Alias” feature is included in the phonebook. When used in combination with XE2921 it can display current date and time, moreover, it is possible to program PIN access codes according to various time schedules.

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