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Farfisa Alba Additional Buttons Module

Product Code: DE-FCT2138AB

Farfisa Alba Additional Buttons Module

Farfisa’s additional button module is compatible with all modules in the Alba range and can be set up as 4 single buttons or 8 double buttons




Product Code: DE-FCT2138AB

Farfisa Alba Additional Buttons Module


Colour: grey
LED signalling: yes
Modular: yes
Back-lighting colour: white
Button number: 4 if single or 8 in double call way
Size: 99mm x 91mm x37mm


Additional push buttons module for installation in an Alba door station. With 4 buttons for 4 calls (to be completed with art. AB20 and AB21) that can be activated as double buttons in order to allow 8 for calls. To be mounted together with CA2124AB audio module or CV2138AB audio-video module. Auto programming allowed.

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