Farfisa DUO MYCOM 1 Button Alba GSM Audio Kit

Farfisa DUO MYCOM 1 Button Alba GSM Audio Kit

Product Code: DE-F1MCABS

Farfisa DUO MYCOM 1button Alba GSM Audio Kit

GSM audio kit ready and complete for installation using Farfisa’s Duo Easy technology. Combining the sleek Alba panel with the ability to receive door entry calls straight to your landline or mobile phone.




Product Code: 1MCABS

Farfisa DUO MYCOM 1button Alba GSM Audio Kit

Panel features
Model: AB3G
Material: Anodised Aluminium
LED Signalling: Yes
Modular: Yes

Size: 99 x 91 x 37mm


This kit includes all the parts you need for installation including AB3G door panel, SC1 backbox and PRS210 power supply together with AB61 and AB71 front and module frames and AB20 and AB21. It requires a nano-SIM only, to make calls using GSM. The Door panel can be further extended by using button CT2138AB modules or digital keypad PD2100AB module, up to a maximum of 200 calls. Each call button can be associated with up to 3 different phone numbers to be called in sequence. The kit is provided with 2 relays that can be activated independently and 2 inputs that can be used as an alarm, or for other functions. CLIP function allows you to activate one of the relays by sending the call to the door panel.

Programming can be done through the cloud interface, through the app, on a PC using the downloadable software, or via SMS.

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Audio module Alba 3G – AB3G
Transformer – PRS210
Backbox for 1 module Alba – SC1
Fitting Instructions

(Sim card not provided)

  • What is the Farfisa GSM Kit?

A Farfisa GSM Kit is a device that allows you to remotely control and monitor an intercom system using a mobile phone or other GSM device. The GSM kit allows you to call the intercom from your mobile phone and communicate with the person at the intercom just as if you were calling a regular phone number. It also allows you to remotely open the door or gate for the person at the intercom.

  • How does the Farfisa GSM Kit work?

The Farfisa GSM kit works by connecting to an existing intercom system and a GSM network. It receives calls from a mobile phone and connects them to the intercom, allowing the person at the intercom to communicate with the caller. It also has the capability to remotely open the door or gate using a command sent by the caller through SMS or call.

  • What are the dimensions of the Farfisa GSM Kit?

The dimensions of the Farfisa GSM Kit vary depending on the specific model, but it is generally a compact and lightweight device that can be easily installed.

  • How do I install a Farfisa GSM Kit?

Installation of the Farfisa GSM Kit should be done by a professional, as it requires connecting to an existing intercom system and a GSM network. It is also recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation and configuration of the system.

  • Can I use a Farfisa GSM Kit with other intercom systems?

The Farfisa GSM Kit is designed to work with Farfisa intercom systems, but it may not be compatible with other brands of intercom systems. It’s best to check the manufacturer’s specifications and consult with an expert.

  • Are there replacement parts available for the Farfisa GSM Kit?

Replacement parts for the Farfisa GSM Kit may be available, but it depends on the specific part needed and the age of the system. It is best to check with a specialist in Farfisa intercom systems like Access Security Products.

What app do I need to download?

You can download the Eisware Web app using the links below:

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