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Floor Mount Door Retaining Bracket

Product Code: EL-DR-FLOOR

Floor Mount Door Retaining Bracket

Door Retaining Magnets offer true fail safe operation and therefore is met with both security and fire safety requirements




Product Code: EL-DR-FLOOR

Floor Mount Door Retaining Bracket

Product Features
Material: White Metal
Fitting: Floor Mount
Size: 110 x 100 x 46mm


Door Retainer – Door Hold Open Magnet – Door Retaining Magnet

Door Retaining Magnets are a key part of a fire system, where the requirement for doors to close automatically upon a fire alarm being triggered. Otherwise known as Door Hold Open Magnets or Magnetic Door Holders. Door Retainers come in two main categories, either floor mounted or wall mounted. This particular model comes with a reset button, which means that the doors can be closed manually. The fire door magnet is powered by a transformer rectifier power supply, and are installed in buildings, between fire escape doors. When the fire prevention system detects a fire alarm, the armature plate is released allowing the door to close.


The magnetic lock is a simple locking device that consists of a magnetic lock and armature plate with no moving parts and it purely works due to the magnetic field. Therefore the magnetic lock is truly fail-safe (Power to lock). Thus, the magnetic lock is met with both security and fire safety requirements and is available for emergency exit doors


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Periodically clean the surface of both the magnet and armature plate with light oil