MINI 1amp 12volt Power

MINI 1amp 12volt Power

Product Code: PSU-121-T

MINI 1amp 12volt Power

Small and compact MINI  power supply offers 1amp out put and is ideal for single door applications where battery back up is not required, costs matter but size doesnt.




Product Code: PSU-121-T

MINI 1amp 12volt Power

Main features
Type: Encapsulated
Input: 100v – 240vAC
Output: 12vDC
Load Current: 1amp
IP Rating: Internal Use Only
Indication: Power LED
Battery: No

Key Features:
A) Small / compact design
B) Stable out Put
C) 24vdc option available

Fitting: Surface mount
Size: 50 x 50 x 40mm


We offer a extensive range of Power Supply and battery back up options.

Our range of switchmode psu technology power supplies offer many benefits including being 30% more energy efficient compared to Linear type, offer Deep Discharge Protection and are available with 12 or 24 volt DC out puts with load capacities of 1, 2, 3, and 5amp. Our box sizes allow for a battery or batteries to be mounted safely whilst still leaving plenty of room for other products including control and relay boards. Like all our products the switch-mode Power supplies are CE approved and have passed CE standards to EMC & RFI EN STANDARDS.

The power range also offers non boxed power supply answers for smaller applications when battery back up is not required, budgets are tight or when size really doesn’t matter!

For battery back up we turn to the industry leading Yuasa and offer both the Yucell and NP range. Both these ranges come with clearly marked manufacturer date  meaning you wont be left with an out of date battery when you need back up most of all.

If the PSU-121-T MINI 1amp 12volt Power is not the unit for you we will have another solution!

Try us and put us, our products, our service and price to the test, you wont be disappointed.



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It is advisable to to allow for a minimum of 25% spare on load current as below examples:

1amp use max 750ma

2amp use max 1.5amps

3amp use max 2.25amps

5amp use max 3.75amps