Desktop Wiegand Card Reader for Easy Staff Management

Desktop Wiegand Card Reader for Easy Staff Management

Product Code: RD-USB-KP

Desktop Wiegand Card Reader for Easy Staff Management

Proximity desk top USB card reader designed for use with both our PC access control systems and standalone proximity readers with remote management.

Also Ideal when programming several hundred proximity cards or proximity key fob or it can be used to generate a list of users by presenting a card/key fob to the unit

The USB card reader is simple to use, just plug the unit in to a USB port on a Windows based computer, manually open ‘Microsoft Notepad or exce’ and present a card or key fob to the unit and it will bleep to confirm recognition and present the card or fob’s Wiegand code number


Product Code: RD-USB-KP

Desktop Wiegand Card Reader for Easy Staff Management

Main features
Format: 125khz 26bit wiegand
Colour: Black
Size: 106h x 82w x 25d mm



We offer a extensive range of Door Entry and Access control systems and solutions which can be used for a variety of situation – whether it be for controlled access to an office, hospital, club or any place of work we will have the correct solution for you.

As well as our PC Based Access Control System we offer a range of standalone or self-contained digital keypads and key fob readers have between 1 and 3 relay outputs – with or without proximity card/key fob reader and are ideal for either internal or external use available with single 12v dc or dual 12v – 24v AC/DC input

If the RD-USB-KP – Desktop Wiegand Card Reader  is not the unit for you we will have another solution!

Try us and put us, our products, our service and price to the test, you wont be disappointed.

Are the fobs or cards numbered sequentially?
No they are not

What does the USB reader do?
The USB reader obtains the 8 / 10 digit wiegand number that is read by proximity readers. (not with fob this differs to number on outside of fob) see below.

What are the numbers printed on the fobs & cards?
The EM chip inside each fob or proximity access card is pre-programmed with Hexadecimal number that provides an 18 digit number during the manufacturing process. The first 10 digit number is the Unique I.D number (U.I.D) and is printed on the fob

The second 8 digit number is the Wiegand code number (Not printed on fobs), However, both 10 & 8 digit numbers are printed on the proximity access cards

Are these numbers important?
Yes, all 26 bit Wiegand card readers will ‘read’ the 10 digit U.I.D number in a binary format, yet some card readers that require a remote control in order to delete lost or missing fobs or cards might not accept you manually entering the 10 digit U.I.D number but will only accept the manual entering of the 8 digit Wiegand number
A lot of PC access control software will only display the 8 digit Wiegand number. It is ultimately down to the particular system or format used and/or required


Does your PC access control system require a USB card dispenser if I use key fobs or cards?
Yes and no – for key fobs specifically. You cannot manually add key fobs or cards to the software using the 10 digit U.I.D number. You can use either a door reader or a USB card dispenser, however, if you have several hundred cards, then using a USB card dispenser will save an awful lot of time

What item do they work best with – card reader or keypad/card reader?
They will work perfectly with any of our items or any Proximity Wiegand 26 bit format

USB Cable


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