Shear Lock

Shear Lock

Product Code: EL-SL-35

35mm Wide Dual Voltage Shear Mag

Industry reconized Monitored 30mm Shear Mag, Can be installed or surface with kit EL-SH-35. Ideal for situation when higher level of security locking is required




Product Code: EL-SL-35

35mm Wide Dual Voltage Shear Lock

Product Features
Input: 12 – 24vDC
Bolt Strength: Upto 2700lbs / 1200kg
Current Draw: 2.2a 12vdc  – 1.4a 24vdc
Type: Fail Safe
IP Rating: Internal Use only
Lock Monitoring: Yes
Door Monitoring: Yes
Fitting: Flush
Shear Lock: 266h x 35w x 33d mm
Armature: 266 x 35w x 33d mm


Shear Mag – Shear Lock – Magnetic Shearlocks

Shear Locks offer a discreet and secure locking solution. Most can be mounted vertically or horizontally and are available in a range of options including dual voltage, Slimline fitting, Door and lock monitoring, Surface and glass fitting options.



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What are the pro’s of using a shearlock ?
Shearlocks generally offer a higher level of security compared to other electrical lock and are available in different sizes and with various kits giving them a flexible range of use

What are the Con’s of using a shearlock ?
Remember shear locks require more amps than most other electrical locks, You will require aminium of 3amp PSU if running at 12v and a 2amp PSU if running on 24vDC. Shearlock also cost more than other locking option




Fixing Kit


Download Quick PDF


Due to the initial ‘Pull in’ current draw of the unit, it is recommended that you use a 3amp 12v dc or 2amp 24v dc power supply

Periodically clean the surface of the drop bolt and catch plate, however, do not lubricate or oil the unit