Wireless Video Door Entry System

Wireless Video Door Entry System

Product Code: DE-605-AB

Wireless Video Door Entry System

Gives a modern look and answer for wireless Video Door Entry, Easy to use and install with night view LEDs, 80 degree camera and modern sleek style Entry Panel with Telephone style internal monitor

The kit is scale-able by adding up to 3 additional Audio Handsets






Product Code: DE-605-AB

Wireless Video Door Entry System

Panel features
Fitting: Surface
Material: Stainless Steel
Camera: Colour
View Angle: 80 degree
Night View: Yes via 7x white LED
Indications: LED and Tone
Keypad: Not this version – see DE-605-ABK
Call Buttons: One
IP Rating: IP55
Size: 202 x 160 x 40mm

Monitor features
Fitting: Desk
Finish: White / plastic
Screen: 3.5″ LCD Colour Display
Call indication: Strobe – Sound – Vibration
Size: 141 x 75 x 35mm

DE-605-AB Wireless Video Door Entry System
Key Features:
A) Wireless upto 200mtr
B) 3 x Addition Audio Only  handset
C) Dual Technology

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Entry Panel

Handset and Charger

Wireless Antenna


Security tool


What is AES Wireless Entry?

AES Wireless Entry is a reliable and advanced wireless door entry system that provides secure and convenient access control to buildings and properties. It eliminates the need for physical keys by using wireless technology for communication and authentication.

How does AES Wireless Entry work?

AES Wireless Entry systems consist of a wireless door panel and remote key fobs or proximity cards. When a user approaches the door, they can simply present the key fob or proximity card to the door panel, which wirelessly communicates with the central control unit to verify access credentials. Upon successful verification, the door is unlocked, allowing entry.

Where can AES Wireless Entry be used?

AES Wireless Entry is suitable for various applications, including residential buildings, commercial offices, gated communities, and apartment complexes. It provides a convenient and secure solution for managing access to restricted areas.

Can AES Wireless Entry be integrated with other security systems?

Yes, AES Wireless Entry systems can often be integrated with other security systems, such as CCTV cameras, alarm systems, or access control software. This allows for a comprehensive and synchronized security solution that enhances overall safety and control.

What are the advantages of AES Wireless Entry?

AES Wireless Entry offers several advantages over traditional key-based systems. These include:


Convenience: Users can easily access secured areas without the need for physical keys.

Enhanced Security: Wireless communication ensures secure and encrypted data transmission, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Flexibility: Access credentials can be easily added or revoked, providing flexible control over who has access to specific areas.

Scalability: AES Wireless Entry systems can be expanded to accommodate a large number of users or multiple entry points.

Easy Installation: Wireless technology eliminates the need for complex wiring, resulting in faster and less disruptive installations.