Harrow 50 Bed Care Home

Brief Overview:

To supply access control system to be used for restricting and monitoring of staff and visitor movement around building. The system should allow for different access levels to all 28 doors and 8 lifts as shown in technical drawing and require both or one of pin code and/ or proximity authorisation. The system will require magnetic locks, exit button, emergency door releases and Audio door entry release points x3. Auxiliary alarm should sound at each nurse station upon activation of emergency door release and staff room door being open for longer than 10mins. The access control system needs to interface with fire alarm system and fail safe on activation. All power supplies and control board to be housed in communication room All parts used to be flush fitting and samples provide. System demonstration with training upon completion of install must be available.


  • AC-ASP8000 PC/Networked based Access Control System

Access Equipment:

  • AC-ASP-SW8 – PC/Networked based Access Control and time and attendance Software 
  • AC-ASP8004-5  – 4 door control board within 5 amp boxed power supply
  • AC-ASP8004  – 4 door control board within 3 amp boxed power supply (to operate lifts)
  • AC-ASP-KR3W  – Pin and/or proximity IP68 / vandal proof readers 
  • AC-ASP-RLF  – Auxiliary relays with 4x outputs 
  • RD-USB-KP  – Desk top proximity card reader
  • RD-FOB  – Proximity tokens

Other Equipment:

  • ML-MINI-DS 600lbs magnetic locks with door status contact 
  • ML-MINI-D-DS 600lbs Double magnetic locks with door status contact
  • EB-GD-ASP Heavy duty flush fit green dome exit buttons
  • EDR-ASP-22C Resettable break glass with tamper cover
  • Y7-12 Battery back up


Services provide:

  • Pre install demonstration – May 2014
  • Samples
  • Regular site visits with owners and installers.
  • Staff training on completion – March 2015


Key Contacts:

  • Access Equipment supplied by ASP Ltd
  • Client – Call for details
  • Installers – Call for details