Why you should choose the Farfisa Alba series over recognised brands

Door Entry and Access Control are a necessity for all buildings both commercial and residential in today’s market. With many options to choose from, the Access Security Products team are often asked about our recommendations and why we choose certain brands over others.

There are many high-quality brands, however the Access Security Products team often find that there are lesser recognised brands that can outperform recognised competitors. One such brand is Farfisa. Though their market share in the UK is not as large as others, we’ve found their products to be a reliable, versatile and high-quality choice.

The latest Farfisa Alba Series is a range of door entry panels that is elegant and flexible. Although competitors are more familiar names in the UK our experience in the industry has shown us that the Farfisa Alba series is an exceptional choice for a door entry panel. It offers a modular system that enables the end user to achieve the functionality they need with ease. The modules include physical call button and/or digital calling, audio and/or video entry, with enhanced Bluetooth programming which means that Alba offers the best and latest technology unmatched by its rivals. With the inclusion of Farfisa’s cloud and IP gateway, calls can be forwarded to smart devices with ease. Because Farfisa has its own cloud, call times to the end users are faster and of higher quality. The Alba range also offers GSM audio calling when cabling is unavailable.

For installers, all the Farfisa DUO systems run as true 2wire BUS systems reducing the need for re-cabling in most cases. The addition of Bluetooth capabilities enables the user to programme the system with their phone, add timed access control profiles and even open the door with the latest Smart Access ensuring a COVID-19 safe environment.

Farfisa Alba compared to other brands

Videx, Comelit, BPT the list goes on however Videx 4K is possibly the most popular door entry range in the UK. With so many options, it offers a lot of versatility to those who choose it. Videx and its brand carries trust and recognition. Nevertheless, in terms of features, it is unable to match up to the Farfisa Alba range.

Functionality that many consider to be essentials, such as Bluetooth programming or video calling to a mobile phone, are not possible to date using Videx. Farfisa products can offer a high level of functionality at a competitive price.

Comelit also offers a wide and impressive range of products. With IKALL Simple BUS it offers some great technology where others fail however with technology comes a premium price. At least it did until Farfisa released the Alba range on its DUO system offering looks, technology and enough function to keep us smiling from ear to ear.

The Farfisa Alba range, when compared to others, offers savings that you would not believe possible from a system that offers so much.

Why is Farfisa not well known?

As an Italian brand, Farfisa has been successfully trading across Europe and the world since 1967. So why are they not more familiar in the UK? From the beginning Farfisa concentrated on Europe whilst its more familiar fellow countrymen moved in to claim the UK market. In 2005 Farfisa made its 1st attempt in the UK however following the financial crash in 2008 they closed their UK office and continued to supply only a select few small distributors. In 2017 sadly due to unforeseen circumstances Farfisa’s largest UK distributor closed its doors and Farfisa had lost its main UK outlet. As a result, its UK presence has suffered.

What does the future hold?

Change!!! Yes, change is on the horizon. Farfisa has restructured to make a full commitment to the UK market, ensuring that UK partners, installers and end users all benefit. Access Security Products are determined to be at the forefront of it

With more than 15 years of technical experience with Farfisa products, Access Security Products are proud to lead the UK industry in the supply and support of Farfisa products and installation partners. Investments have been made to supply the best technical support available including free training days. We also offer free pre-programming of DUO systems in-house resulting in our partners working more efficiently and saving time spent on site. This coupled with the cost savings compared to its rivals leaves all Farfisa partners and installers with greater profits whilst still being able to offer end users a saving.

If you are interested in learning more about increasing your profits using Farfisa products, then get in touch and arrange a training day or site visit where you can see the latest technology in action. We will be happy to help.

With new products out and more around the corner there has never been a better time to open your eyes to a different option.